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What is uCloud?

uCloud Accounting is an accounting platform for bookkeepers and Small Micro Enterprise (SME) to Connect.

It Acts as a platform for bookkeepers to provide accounting services without the need to be physically presence at their client office.

SME can also utilize uCloud Accounting as a regular accounting software.

uCloud Accounting is based on the SaaS model, providing financial and accounting services for small and micro enterprises. Since its establishment, based on in-house research and development, uCloud Accounting has created online accounting and mobile app products to satisfy the accounting needs of small-micro enterprises. uCloud Accounting is committed to establishing a first class Internet+ financial accounting eco-systems in China and ASEAN, to create a service support system for entrepreneurs and startups.

Complying with the latest technology and accounting standards, uCloud Accounting uses internet and cloud computing technology to go beyond time and locations in solving the following issues faced by the Accounting industry:

  • High staffing costs
  • Low profit margin
  • High logistic & time cost of physical documents delivery to Bookkeepers
  • Documents/Information Inquiry difficulties
  • Storage and security Cost
  • Unable to offer accounting services across international border

uCloud Features

Online Accounting

Easy to use, simple and efficient accounting system

Management Platform

Providing free client management module for accounting and bookkeeping firms

Boss Report

Business owners can access to financial reports using our mobile APP, financial reports is at Boss's finger tips

No Hardware/ Software Upgrading

Free regular upgrades is provided by us so you can enjoy new features and higher efficiency without any worry and cost. No hardware and software obsolete!

SSL Security

Data security comparable to epayment industry data security standard

Cut Down Logistic Cost

Documents are scanned or snapshot and uploaded to uCloud Accounting. No physical sending and receiving of documents. Save cost, save time!

Work Anywhere with APP

No preloaded software. With your notebook and smartphone, you can work anywhere anytime


We enable you to do e-accounting online borderless across the globe from anywhere, anytime. Export of accounting services to oversea countries at the comfort of your home is now possible!

One Click Tax Submission

Coming Soon

Smart Accounting

Run Your Business From Anywhere

Interested to cut your time cost?
Interested to export your accounting services?
Interested to have instant access to financial reports?
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